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Music composer and producer


Ciao! My name is Fabio, and I am a London-based music composer and producer.

With a deep passion for storytelling through music, I specialize in creating original soundtracks that bring life and emotion to visual media. My musical style is characterized by a fusion of classical orchestral textures with modern electronic elements, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques to push the boundaries of what is possible with music.

Throughout my career, I have composed music for a wide range of projects, including short films, documentaries, animated series, theatre shows and VR applications. I have also been involved in the production of over 200 music albums, working with a variety of artists and genres. My experience in music production and studio recording has given me a deep understanding of the creative process, which allows me to contribute to every aspect of a project, from concept to delivery.

As a composer, I am committed to creating music that is both beautiful and impactful. Whether it's a soaring epic score or a hauntingly beautiful melody, my goal is to create music that resonates with audiences and helps to tell the story in a powerful and unforgettable way.

Let me help you create the perfect soundtrack for your next venture.
Contact me today and let's make something amazing together.

About me


Hypericum films - London

Composer for the short animation movie "Flags".

In Too Deep Productions - London

Composing music for the short movie “The Silent War: Origins” - ongoing.


Rhapsodie - Tokyo

Composer for the upcoming video game "Tower of Worlds".

2022 - 2023 

RT Creative - London

Music producer for "The Little Explorers".

2022 - 2023 

Andrè Ripa - Composer - Los Angeles

Orchestrating and producing the music for the VR application "Dolphins" (working title) and

 other tracks from his upcoming album.


Sergio D'innocenzo - Italian Director/Animator

Composing and producing the music for the animated series "Acari" (Italy).


Riccardo Graziosi - Italian director - Rome

Composing and producing music for the short movie "Un colpo fatto ad arte" (Italy).


2019 - 2020

Tommy Live Show - London and UK

MD, music producer and keyboard player for the live show performing all around the UK.

2018 - 2020

Quadrophenia Live Show - London and UK

MD, music producer and keyboard player for the live show performing all around the UK.

2015 - present    

Cantina House Studio - Music production studio - Rome

Music producer and session keyboard player with various artists (George Clinton, Chaka Khan and more).

2013 - 2015

Dado - Italian comedian - Rome

Music arrangements and recordings for web and TV.

Maurizio Battista - Italian comedian - Italian tour 

Band manager and keyboard playerResponsible for arrangements, band transcriptions and music production.


2002 - 2015    

Stefano Fabrizi - TV writer and theatre director - Rome

Composer, songwriter and music producer for many theatre shows and TV documentaries.



M.A.S. Music, Arts & Shows - Music Academy and show productions - Milan

Keyboard player in “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” musical show performed in Teatro Brancaccio (Rome).


2011 - 2013    

Andrea Perroni - Italian comedian - Italian tour

Band manager, keyboard player and music producer for live shows.



O.R.O. (Italian songwriters of “Vivo per lei” performed by Andrea Bocelli) -  Italian tour

Keyboard player in live shows.



Serena Autieri (Italian singer and actress, Italian dubber of Frozen’s Elsa) -  New York

Piano player for the live show performed at Manhattan Center (New York).


2003 - 2010    

Jalisse - Italian songwriters - Sanremo 1997 winners - Italian tour

Music producer and arranger for studio works.

Band manager and keyboard player for live shows.


Professional experience
Music Equipment

Do you need bespoke music for your film, documentary, ad, podcast, or video game?

Or maybe you're looking for a proficient mix and mastering service? 

Let's chat: I'll be happy to fulfil the music needs for your next project

and share the journey together.

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