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Customized & Personal

Your search for music lessons is over! Fabio Parisella offers a complete education package that nurtures music students and provides them a great deal of opportunities to perform, network, and perfect their music skills. You can be assured of receiving music instruction that is second to none while catering for all levels from absolute beginners right through to very advanced pianists. Discover all available services below.

Girl Playing Beginner Piano


The Building Blocks

As any beginner will tell you, starting out can be a challenge, and for this reason, the service is designed to take you through the very basics of music in an interactive and entertaining approach. No matter your age it’s never too late to learn an instrument, so whether you are 7 or 70 this level can accommodate all your musical needs. Get in touch now for more information.

Sheet Music Edits


Beyond The Basics

Ready for your next musical challenge?
This level is designed to help you take the next step in your music education. I will assess your abilities and create a customized plan to help you develop your skills to their fullest potential. My commitment to excellent service and high-quality tuition means that you can expect fast progress and a fulfilling learning experience. 

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Play with the Pros

If you find it hard to encounter other musical students performing at your high level, this is the service for you. You’ll meet experienced private instructors, that are excited to help you reach for the stars. This service is an excellent way to network with well-connected musicians who can assist with your quest to reach the very top. Get in touch for more information.


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“I’m so glad we found Fabio. He is a great teacher who delivers fun and creative lessons. My son is really enjoying his piano tuition with Fabio. Highly recommend.”


“Fabio has inspired me to push myself and shown me how to play with two hands and learn and practice to achieve my goals and the goals he has set for me and I'm extremely happy that I will achieve them with Fabio. Many thanks.”


“Fabio is a very talented musician with great interpersonal skills mixed with humor to make my music lessons very enjoyable. He is very diligent and explains technical details in music very simply for anyone to understand. He is also very easy going and patient. I am very glad to be under his guidance and would defiantly recommend him to aspiring pianist of all ages and abilities!”


“Fabio is inspirational! He teaches both my daughter and me myself piano. I'm very impressed by the depth of academic knowledge he has as well as his technique as a great musician himself. What's more he can pick the knowledge best suited to my level and tailor-made them into each lesson that help me improve very rapidly. He doesn't just teach me how to play mechanically, he actually told me a lot about the why - why music is written/organized the way it is - which I haven't heard of from any of my two previous piano teachers. He is also very patient with little child. He even wrote small pieces of music just for my daughter plus the accompaniment for me that actually benefit both of us and we can pratice together! I think I'm really lucky to have found him and I can see myself and my daughter learning a lot more about piano and music in general from him in the days to come.”


“Fabio is quite great. Learn fast and lots from him! He is not only teaching the skill, but also the custom of practice which help me a lot.”


“I've been studying piano with Fabio in Italy. He helped me a lot also in writing and composing tracks of various genres. Very helpful, direct teaching and coaching. Highly recommended for those who seek a funny way to learn and improve themselves. 10/10.”


“I have been taken piano, music theory lesson and music workshop lessons with Fabio every week. He is an excellent teacher, very patient. His knowledge about music made with piano and other instruments is tremendous. He taught me many think about music theory and make me appreciate it. He is very passionate about the music world; there is not much that he doesn't know about it. With in 4 years, he made me learned many aspects of my instrument from the simple musical scale to classical music such as Bach, general pop, Bossanova, jazz, blues and so on, he taught me how to do improvisation with jazz and blues. He gives me lots of suggesting of how to harmonise and other many tricks. I will recommend him to everybody since he is an amazing person, friendly, comfortable, always prepared and ready to help. I had a wonderful experience with him, and I hope to play again with him in the future.”


“Fabio is a very good musician, with experience in the world of music, suitable to the teaching of young people and adults. I found myself very well with him, and even my teenage daughters.”


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